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President Trump is being accused of hypocrisy after video has surfaced showing him acting childish during the national anthem from Sunday's Super Bowl.

A brief video that originated on Instagram and was taken during Trump's Super Bowl party at Mar-A-Lago shows Trump pointing at people and twirling his hands in the air as if conducting an imaginary orchestra during Demo Lovato's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

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Intermission: Whitney Houston's National Anthem

I took to YouTube to see if Whitney's Star Spangled Banner was as good as I remembered. It was.


During the Super Bowl last week, I was pretty impressed by Kelly Clarkson's rendition of the national anthem. And even though Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics last year, I remember liking hers, too.

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Chicago Sixth Graders Are Composing Groupon Deals

The deal site partnered up with students working with writing nonprofit 826CHI.

Groupon had a misstep earlier this year with their controversial Super Bowl commercial, but when it comes to helping connect students to real-world work experience, they might be on the right track. Their Chicago editorial team recently partnered with writing nonprofit 826CHI to teach sixth-graders how to write the copy for the site's daily deals. This wasn't just a mock exercise. Groupon put 10 of the write-ups on their site on June 28.

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