Help Try and Destroy Stupid, Sexist, Racist Super Bowl Ads with This New Site

New site "Add or Delete" crowdsources the commercials people hate and then lets them sound off on why they're bad.

Have you ever seen a bad commercial? Of course you have. You’ve probably seen tens of thousands of bad commercials. In New York City in 2007, it was estimated that citizens saw around 5,000 ads a day, and a survey found that half the respondents agreed advertising had “gotten out of control.”

But how to change all that without getting to the head of a Fortune 500 company and a billion-dollar ad budget? Lucky for you, now there’s “Add or Delete.”

Started just in time for the commercial chaos that is the Super Bowl, Add or Delete offers ordinary citizens a simple forum to upload and then “add or delete” a certain commercial based on whether they believe it "adds" value to our society's fabric—think of it as a “like or dislike” button on any number of social networking sites.

The ultimate goal of the Add or Delete project is twofold: To direct advertiser attention to the idea that scantily clad women selling beer is unappealing to a great many people, and to suggest that companies reduce their ad budgets and donate a fraction of that money to good.

Because while spending $100,000 a second to promote Bud Light might make some football fans laugh come Sunday, that money could also drastically change the lives of countless people around the world.