For many volunteer firefighters, balancing outside jobs, family and friends, and any additional extracurricular endeavors is often a struggle, but Lieutenant Devon Collins says it hasn’t been that complicated for him, and his family particularly understands. “It’s actually quite simple at the moment. My dad was an NYPD search and rescue scuba diver for 20 years,” Collins says, “so he and my mom are quite a bit more immune to the worrying that my friends parents likely feel knowing that their son voluntarily runs into burning buildings.” Even in spite of the hazards of his volunteer post, Collins counts himself lucky to be carrying on the family tradition of selfless service. In celebration of Fire Prevention Month, GOOD is partnering with Nest to share the personal stories of Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department in Breezy Point, New York. Here, we take a closer look into the life of Lieutenant Devon Collins; his firehouse, what motivated him to become a volunteer firefighter, and the daily struggles and triumphs of his profession.

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