Keeping "Poo-Miles" to a Minimum with Composting Porta-Potties

Mobile composting toilets present an environmentally friendlier alternative to the standard Porta-Potty.

The outdoor concert is one of summer's most delightful events, but also one of its grosser experiences from an environmental perspective. Drawbacks include the mountains of trash and disposable cups, the abundance of fast food, the absence of public transportation for getting to remote festival locations, and last but not least, the ubiquity of chemical-fueled Porta Potties. As Treehugger pointed out, festivals have recently tried to address some of these problems: Coachella offered a train in 2008 to convey passengers to the festival grounds while the Danish festival Roskilde installed "P-Trees" (a makeshift urinal strapped to a tree which drains urine into the ground; see the video below).

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