Answer This: Nearly 40% in the World Are Without Access to Sanitation or Toilets. What Do We Do?

It’s been three weeks since we launched the Give a Shit campaign here at GOOD, to help spread awareness around sanitation issues. We developed a mobile tool to allow people to take action on their mobile phones in helping to provide better health and sanitation to people all over the world. You can check it out here.

I joined GOOD just four weeks ago to help elevate issues within global health and development, particularly issues related to water, health, and sanitation. I’d say I’m pretty well versed in this field—I devoted the last 10 years of my education and career to it. But I’ve got to admit, I need some help answering this question. One thing that that I’ve grown to appreciate is that GOOD operates on community-based learning and doing. I’m here to tap into the deep wealth of knowledge and ask for your help as I brainstorm ideas about what we as members of the GOOD community can do about water and sanitation disparities. Would you give me five minutes of your time to add to this list of actions?