Audience Member Can’t Hide Her Reaction After Trump Accuses Clinton Of Being A ‘Bigot’

She can’t believe it.

via YouTube

Much like a schoolyard bully, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump frequently reacts to criticism with an “I know you are, but what am I?” response. After Hillary Clinton called him “unfit” to be president, Trump turned the criticism right back on Clinton saying, “Hillary Clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office.” Now, after months of rightfully being accused of being a bigot, Trump leveled the charge at Hillary Clinton, a person completely undeserving of the title. When Trump made the accusation at a Rally in Jackson, Mississippi yesterday, one woman’s reaction was priceless.

What was running through this woman’s head the moment Trump called Clinton a bigot?

“Trump just said something terrible and I’m right behind him on camera. What will the folks back at the office think?”

“Wait, Clinton’s a bigot? Maybe I should vote for her then. I came to this Trump rally to support bigotry.”

“No, she’s totally not a bigot. He’s the bigot. Why am I supporting the bigot? Where’s the exit? Where’s my car? Where’s my dignity?”

Bigot Reaction Woman has joined Darrell Vickers in the Pantheon of Trump supporters making wide-eyed reactions to the ridiculous and irresponsible comments he makes at his rallies.