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Cards Against Humanity Creator Has Perfect Revenge Plot Against Congress

People are pretty pissed about this total invasion of privacy

In case you missed it, earlier this week the Republicans in Congress voted to allow internet service providers (otherwise known as ISPs) to sell your personal browser history to anyone willing to pay for it. In essence, ISPs will make money collecting, storing, and selling your data to advertisers who want to serve you highly-targeted ads based on the things you’ve searched for on Google, Bing, or Ask (yes, it’s still a thing). Your ISP can also store and sell your app usage data, purchase history, and your location data without your consent. Oh, and the bill passed by Republicans also prevents the Federal Communications Commission from establishing consumer privacy protections ever again.

Needless to say, people are pretty pissed about the total invasion of privacy, but perhaps none more so than Cards Against Humanity cocreator Max Temkin.

Temkin took to Twitter prior to the vote to let his feelings be known saying simply, “If this shit passes I will buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it.” In his tweet he specifically targets Speaker Paul Ryan.

Once the vote passed, Temkin tweeted again to clarify he would not be asking anyone for money to help purchase and share the private browsing history of members of Congress, but would instead will use both his personal wealth and money from sales of the wildly popular card game he started to do so.

So far his tweets have received more than 4,000 retweets and 7,500 likes, proving more than a few people support his efforts.

Temkin had been outspoken with his feelings toward Donald Trump and his administration since the very beginning, often posting about the president and his actions.

Beyond using his social media power for pointing out the hypocrisy of our current government, Temkin also uses it for good. In 2015, Temkin had his team at Cards Against Humanity put together a game extension pack to fund a scholarship for women looking to enter STEM fields. In 2016, Temkin and the crew at The Nuisance Committee purchased a billboard in Michigan with an Arabic quote followed by Donald Trump’s name stamped at the end to get an important message across about Islamophobia.

And just today, Temkin announced Cards Against Humanity will match up to $25,000 of donations to Chicago Public Schools. It almost seems as if Temkin would be perfect for public office …

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