GOOD 100: Meet Sean Bonner, Measuring Air Quality GOOD 100: Meet Sean Bonner, Measuring Air Quality

GOOD 100: Meet Sean Bonner, Measuring Air Quality

April 14, 2013

Sean Bonner has a hard time explaining what he does. An activist, entrepreneur, journalist, and enthusiast, he has worn enough hats to open a haberdashery. Bonner has been a Senior Designer at Playboy, and the Creative Director of Victory Records; he is the founder of Coffee Common, a customer education brand, and Crash Space, a hackerspace in Los Angeles.
Bonner has organized conferences and “unconferences” including the first BarCamp in Los Angeles and The New Context Conference in Tokyo. But wait! There’s more! Bonner recently launched the clothing line Burn In Hell A and is part of the multimedia art and music collective Cross My Heart Hope to Die. He has been a regular contributor to BoingBoing and has written editorials for MAKE and Al Jazeera, among others.
His current project, Safecast, is a “global sensor network” that has been measuring radiation levels in Japan. Safecast will be looking for volunteers in Los Angeles, expanding their citizen-driven data collection to log air-quality information. Volunteers will be taking measurements by placing air quality-logging devices outside people's homes, expanding to other cities as kinks are worked out.
“The biggest thing I'm working on in 2013 will be to take what we've learned measuring and publishing radiation data with Safecast and apply that to air quality,” Bonner says. “We've got some pretty lofty internal goals that we're working towards, so I think this one is going to take up the bulk of my time.”
Bonner says he hopes to have things with Safecast “really cooking” by summer.
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GOOD 100: Meet Sean Bonner, Measuring Air Quality