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The Secret Society With a ‘Moral Obligation’ to Correct Grammar and Spelling in Graffiti

There’s a gang of copyeditors loose on the moonlit streets of Quito.

There’s a band of copyeditors loose on the moonlit streets of Quito. A group of three men in their thirties founded ‘Acción Ortográfica’ last fall in Ecuador’s capital with the aim to rid the world of poorly written graffiti with one illicit correction at a time.

”We hope that, through this noble mission, we are able to bring a service to the community that promotes the proper use of language and frees society of the confusion, frustration, anguish, and misunderstandings caused by poorly written graffiti,” reads the mission statement.

Image via Acción Ortográfica Facebook

The collective has received praise for its work, both online and in their neighborhood. One woman, whose home was the site of a graffiti correction, gave their red pen the nod of approval. “If people are going to tag, they could at least do it well and with proper grammar,” she told “El Comercio.”

If your the kind of person who is irrationally angry at the way that I spelled you’re at the beginning of this sentence, you may have just found your true calling. The men invite anyone who feels inspired to “add their efforts to this titanic undertaking” and start their own chapter. Two more groups have already sprung up in Spain and Colombia. I say, get inspired by these grammar loving Ecuadorians and take some red ink to the poorly written bathroom graffiti you encounter this weekend.

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