This Grandmother Takes Radical Seflies That Defy Age

With the sensibilities of 20-year-old daredevil, her photos walk the line between “absurd” and “awesome.”

The common perception is that when people retire, they generally take up hobbies that are...lacking in excitement. They garden, collect stamps, build ships in bottles. Every once in a while, you’ll read about some octogenarian taking up running, which is great, but it’s...running.

Well, Kimiko Nishimoto is letting the world know that perception isn’t always reality when it comes to how the elderly spend their days. The 87-year-old Japanese grandma didn’t take up photography until she was 71, but based on her pieces, she’s got the spirit of a 19-year-old Jackass fan when it comes to her sense of humor.

Her work, on display here on her website, is making the rounds for the somewhat twisted humor that she employs in her self-portraits. Using digital manipulation, she releases picture after picture that show her just getting pummeled mercilessly by this thing called life.

As the adage goes, the picture themselves tell a better story than words, so:

Lest you walk away with the impression that her portfolio is comprised solely of pictures of her doing sick burnouts, she also shared these, which I can’t really classify, other than by saying they’re totally awesome:

You know how sometimes you’re trapped in a plastic bag and just want to moan for a little bit? Kimiko knows:

If anyone’s doing a better job of capturing life’s rich pageant through photos, I haven’t found them.

You keep doin’ you, Kimoko.

via Barry Schapiro / Twitter

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