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Women Are Fighting Back Against Obnoxious 'Mansplaining'

Mansplaining explained in just over a minute

Last month, after the New York presidential primaries, it began to look pretty clear that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee and Donald Trump would represent the Republicans. So Trump unleashed an attack on Clinton saying, “Without the woman’s card, Hillary would not even be a viable person to even run for a city council position.” In a campaign where Trump has shown outright scorn for women, this looked like his first of many gender-based attacks on Clinton. The attack prompted many on Twitter to ask Trump to please “mansplain” what this nebulous “woman’s card” is that Hillary has been playing.

For the uninitiated, what is mansplaining? To put it succinctly, it’s when a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing way and it often begins with a man completely disregarding a woman’s opinions by interrupting her mid-sentence. Why would a man do that? Because apparently some of them feel that their masculinity automatically makes them intellectually superior to women.

According to this video from ATTN:, “studies show that men dominate 75 percent of conversation in decision-making groups. And when women are talking they are more likely to be interrupted.” This leaves women feeling talked over, cut off, and forced to listen. So as Clinton prepares herself to face Trump in the upcoming general election debates, she should get ready to do battle with one of the notorious mansplainers of his time.

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