There Is Nothing Better Than This Senior Citizen Swimsuit Show

Werk werk werk werk.

Image via Imaginechina

Ahhh, the swimsuit competition. The most maligned part of every beauty pageant, but also, everyone’s secret favorite. Over in Tianjin, China, a local community organization decided that they wanted to reclaim this disastrous spectacle by featuring some unconventional models: senior citizens. It was a novel strategy and a huge gamble but the results were, as you can imagine, perfect.

According to People’s Daily Online, close to 100 senior citizens participated in the show, with the eldest at 78-years-old. And these weren’t just boring L.L. Bean one-pieces either: these men and women turned it up with sequins, polka dots, and yes—a little skin. The Hetong Charitable Foundation for the Elderly, who sponsored the competition, told Shanghaiist that they wanted to: “provide a platform for China’s over-60s to express themselves, promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle.”

What a better way to promote “healthy living” than stripping down to a tankini in front of a room of complete strangers? There isn’t. A recent study showed that older women are having way more sex than society imagined. Why not celebrate it? Check out these stunning seniors below.

(Via: The Huffington Post)

Image via ImagineChina

Image via ImagineChina

Image via ImagineChina