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Pretty Cool: The FT-CH Compact Hybrid Pretty Cool: The FT-CH Compact Hybrid

Pretty Cool: The FT-CH Compact Hybrid

by Andrew Price

January 13, 2010
The Detroit Auto Show is going on right now. It's a restrained event this year. But Toyota did make a bit of a splash with its "baby Prius," the FT-CH compact hybrid.
Although it's just a concept, Toyota is strongly suggesting that this car, in some form, will actually make it to the showroom floor in the next couple of years. Not only that, Toyota is apparently planning a whole line up of Prius-branded cars… everything from the compact you see above to minivans and crossovers.
Here's an animated video of the FT-CH navigating around a monochromatic world of yuppie commercialism, before taking a neon tunnel into an ecotopia of tomorrow, where every building is a vertical farm designed by Calatrava.[
/youtube]Want one? I kind of do.
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Pretty Cool: The FT-CH Compact Hybrid