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Rank And File

by Daniel Riley

April 11, 2008

The extraordinarily popular, but often criticized, U.S. News and World Report college rankings may be on the verge of a makeover. The higher-ed pecking order-under fire in the last year from a slew of less-than-conventional colleges who elected to remove themselves from the evaluation process-is most controversial for its methodology. Considerations of acceptance rate, financial resources, and alumni giving are, say some, not indicative of school quality.

In an effort to test out new evaluation criteria, the magazine is asking college presidents to identify "up and coming" schools, and is inviting them to recommend new and re-weighted categories. In addition, U.S. News has sent out surveys to 1,600 high school counseling offices-the results of which the magazine may or may not use.

Via Inside Higher Ed
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Rank And File