This Week in GOOD

We hope you've had a lovely week, whether you've just celebrated Passover or are just about to celebrate Easter-or whether you're just glad you've made it to the weekend. As recent events in Italy and off the coast of Africa remind us, it's always worthwhile to take joy where you find it.On Tuesday, we celebrated the online launch GOOD's fifteenth edition, The Transportation Issue. With stories ranging from a rundown of the nation's best emerging bike scenes to the upside of failure in Detroit to experiments with quantum teleportation, this might be our most comprehensive exploration of a theme to date. Check here for all things transportation. Many more stories will be appearing throughout the coming weeks.Inspired by Carly Clark and Aaron Naparstek's holistic overhaul of the intersection of Amsterdam Avenue and West 76th Street in Manhattan, we're asking for submissions that redesign streets to make them more livable. The deadline is the first of May. Details here. We can't wait to see what you send.This week also involved a number of stories outside the realm of transportation-from gay marriage to military budgeting to the benefits of better burritos. It was nothing if not eclectic.See you on Monday, friends.