World Leaders Decide COP15 Is Not the Most Important Meeting After All

It seems that we wont actually be getting any sort of climate agreement coming out of the meetings next month in Copenhagen, and we'll just be waiting until sometime in 2010 for everyone to get together and make a deal. This is because the Obama administration is pretty sure it's not going to get climate change legislation done in the next few weeks, while we're still dithering over health care. And because developing nations feel that developed nations aren't willing to assume the full cost burden on cutting and regulating appropriate shares of carbon emissions.These problems, I won't lie, seem like they could have been anticipated a little earlier than a month before the conference. We have our Guide to COP15 available now on the website. Look for our Guide to the mid-2010 Mexico City climate negotiations sometime next year, though it's easy to imagine world leaders will just kick the can a little further down the road then, too.