April 4, 2017

Hey, neighbor. Let’s get together. 

For seven years now, GOOD has turned the last weekend in April into a global block party. April 29, 2017 is Neighborday—a holiday all about getting a little face time with the folks who share your walls and fences. You know, say hello to the guy in 7B. Ask the family next door for a cup of sugar, if you need it. Offer to mow the lawn that's connected to yours or get everyone together for a good ol’ block party.

You can sign up to host a Neighborday event here or download the toolkit and start promoting. GOOD might just surprise you with some goodies for your event. Plus, post how you’re spending Neighborday to your social accounts using #letsneighbor and we’ll do our best to include your event in our recaps.

Below, we've collected a few simple ideas about how you can make Neighborday your own. We can't wait to see what you come up with.



P.S. Sign up to host a Neighborday event here.

P.S.S. Download our toolkit, print and start promoting on your block!

Conceived in 2010 here at GOOD, Neighborday is still a pretty new holiday—which means we need your help to bring it to life. Download these tools and flyers for your neighboring plans.


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