Beyoncé’s Moment Of Silence Spoke Volumes

The pop star’s voice was never been more forceful—or more necessary.

For the second time on Thursday, Beyoncé demanded that the whole world rise up against police brutality.

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Why One Woman Started A Crowdfunding Campaign To Buy Twitter

She might not raise $1 billion, but she does she raise some important questions.

Valerie Plame Wilson. Image via crystal.village/Wikimedia Commons.

You’d expect most retirees to pick up gardening or find a bridge club to pass the time in their well-earned leisure years. But in ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson’s case, her hobby of choice is crowdfunding $1 billion to buy Twitter and delete the president of the United States’ account.

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How One Artist Champions Female Diversity In Sports—And You Can Too

Winners come in all shapes and sizes, people

Credit: Wendy Fox

There is no one ideal form for a successful female athlete. Illustrator Wendy Fox set out to prove as much.

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A’s Player Sean Doolittle Invites 17 Syrian Refugee Families for Thanksgiving Meal

They launched a campaign to help settle refugees in the Chicago area.

Image via Dolan's Instagram

Some Americans chose to react to the Paris tragedy with embarrassing displays of xenophobia and bigotry, all targeted toward Syrian refugees. Others, however, chose compassion instead. Oakland A’s baseball player Sean Doolittle and his partner, Eireann Dolan, chose the latter. Yesterday, they invited 17 Syrian refugeee families to share in their Thanksgiving meal in Chicago, Dolan’s hometown.

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