The Podcast That Celebrates Real-life Heroes Needs Your Help

The Good Fight brings immersive, intimate documentary-style stories to listeners

It’s easy to get frustrated with They send too many emails, often with ridiculously incendiary subject lines, and don’t really seem to have anyone manning their listserve. But today’s missive happened to catch our eye: a plea to fund socially conscious podcast The Good Fight on Kickstarter. Created by Ben Wikler, MoveOn’s Washington Director, The Good Fight produces immersive and intimate docu-style stories about real heroes fighting the often-Sisyphean battles for a better world. In the last year they’ve focused on Frank Mugisha, the leading gay rights activist  in Uganda, Sister Simone Campbell, an iron-willed lobbyist and nun, Jose Antonio Vargas, winner of a Pulitzer Prize at age 26 and current activist for undocumented immigrant rights, among many other important cultural figures frequently overlooked in our Kardashian-soaked media.

Currently The Good Fight is over its Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000, and quickly running out of time. Their deadline is tomorrow, so if you’re as moved by the video below as we were, check out their page.