Three Strangers Saved A Woman Only Seconds Away From Drowning

All caught on a video that’ll restore your faith in humanity

Source: YouTube

When a massive flood hit Maryland last weekend, Ellicott City residents were scrambling to take cover. According to KTVU reporter Ken Wayne, “a month’s worth of rain fell in two hours,” causing the deaths of two people.

Thanks to three strangers acting quickly, Jamie Knight was spared from the death toll mere moments from drowning. One of her rescuers was Jason Barnes, a local toy store owner who lost everything in the flash flood. Seeing Knight trapped in a car that was slowly getting carried away by the surging floodwater, Barnes immediately sprung to action.

In a video captured by another brave volunteer, Barnes initially gets swept away by the powerful current. Seconds later, he bounces back and links arms with two other men, creating a human chain to pull Knight to safety. The ordeal is a breathtaking feat of teamwork and courage that’ll surely restore a little more faith in humanity this week.

And if you’d like to do your part to help out real-life superhero Jason Barnes, you can head over to the crowdfunding campaign his stepfather started. While we can’t all save people from epic floods, with a little help from the internet, we can at least help a local business get back on its feet.

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