A Better Way to Crowdsource Expertise

When Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, and eHow fall short, Quora has the answers.

If you've ever gone looking for answers online, from settling a bar bet to probing the deeper questions of the universe, chances are you continually stumble across the same few sites—namely search-bait sites like eHow, collaborations like Wikipedia, or free-for-all message boards like Yahoo! Answers. Have you ever wished such forums were populated by experts, only the most engaged and educated minds on a particular topic? If so, then Quora is for you.

It's crowdsourced like Wikipedia and question-based like Yahoo Answers, but with the heft of fact and experience. Scientists respond to questions about science. Journalists respond to questions about media. Attorneys respond to questions about law. If you want additional security in the expertise of the respondents, you can see which replies your friends trust and follow.

Why does the sun shine? What does it feel like to land on an aircraft carrier? Why is advice largely useless? Quora's got your answers.

So the next time you have a burning question and Google isn't offering up the expert-filtered answers you need, you've got a place to turn. Thanks, Quora.