Texas Abortion Doctor Fights Back with Perfect Passive-Aggressive Letter

Many states require that women get invasive ultrasounds before an abortion. This doctor has a problem with that.

Image via Reddit

In certain states, including Texas (duh), women are required to have ultrasounds before they’re allowed to have an abortion. The goal, it appears, is to visually confront women with the “consequences” of their decision, and scare them away from doing it. But many doctors are unhappy with the procedure, which is why one doctor (see above) chose to share a beautifully passive-aggressive informed consent letter with all of her clients. It’s poignant, it’s tough, and now—it’s on the internet.

The letter, posted on Reddit, includes such powerful arguments as: “By inserting themselves into the conversation, they have almost certainly violated our first amendment rights to free speech and intruded into the time-honored relationship you and I share in this critical time in our lives.” 26 states have some sort of ultrasound requirement, but Texas’ is the one of the most intrusive. Women not only have to have an ultrasound, but they then need to listen to their doctor explain it to them, in full. Laws are laws, but sometimes the best way to protest them is with strong leadership and super smart speech.