Al-Jazeera English: The Image Problem

The curious thing about 24-hour global news networks is that each one attempts to sell itself as being the lone bastion of honesty in a great muddled mess of media spin. The notion of a singular, trusted news source is wonderful. But singularities run the risk of becoming myopias. It's through a multiplicity of sources that we can begin to grasp to the reality of the world at large.

That in mind, GOOD has opted to take a look into the world of Al-Jazeera English, a new voice contributing to the ever-evolving global media dialogue. This video investigates the network's inception, attempting to come to terms with the controversy surrounding it. At this point, at least stateside, the conversation regarding Al-Jazeera is pretty polarized. Hell, only Burlington, VT and Toledo, OH have picked up the station. So speak up, tell us what you think, and offer your two cents to this ongoing exchange of ideas.