New PSA Demonstrates How Adult Drinking Affects Children

Sometimes we may not even know it.

A PSA by Fragile Childhood, a Finnish charity, asks a scary question for many adults: “How do our children see us when we’ve been drinking?” For a child, having an inebriated adult around can be a very scary experience. This video paints a vivid picture of how a powerless child may feel when having to deal with a drunk adult.

26.8 million U.S. children are exposed to alcoholism in their families. Not only does this put them in danger of physical and sexual abuse, but children of alcoholics run a much higher risk of chemical dependency than children whose parents aren’t alcoholics. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, “Children with alcoholic parents are more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, antisocial behavior, relationship difficulties, behavioral problems, and/or alcohol abuse.”

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