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Bain Capital: Another Useful Distinction Between Political Visions

Delegates at both political conventions understand this hot-button issue and simply disagree on its implications.

One of the things that people admire about Bill Clinton is his ability to talk about competing visions in a way that is simple but not oversimplified—he trusts his audience enough to follow along with some of the things that a lot of speakers would gloss over in getting to a punchline. That held true for his speech on Wednesday, which was longer, more nuanced and more specific (and, actually, more honest) than just about anything you can expect to hear from anybody else in either major party.

In that spirit, you should check out this quick post from Fortune's Dan Primack on what he's found at both conventions when talking to people about Bain Capital:

...for the most part, delegates of both parties displayed a fairly strong understanding of what Bain Capital is really all about: Making money for investors and itself by buying and selling companies. They both got that private equity is largely agnostic toward the issue of job creation, and that failure is sometimes part of doing business.

What was different, however, was how that mutual understanding translates to the voting booth.


Bang! Hear that, nasty political ads? We disapprove of you, and we're cool with learning about what's really happening and deciding whether or not we agree with it based on more than the foreboding music and out-of-context quotations you're serving up. Go back to wherever you came from—and tell your friends.

Photo via Flickr (cc) user seanmcmenemy.

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