Google Data Reveals Interesting Correlations Between Politics and Music

There’s one artist that Bernie and Trump Googlers both like

via Flickr user (cc) Megadeth_87rules

Our political views are often reflective of our moral and ethical values, but they are also closely linked to our our socioeconomic and cultural interests as well. During the 2012 election researchers learned that Republicans were more likely to shop at Belk, Dillards, and Hobby Lobby whereas Liberals tend to shop at R.E.I., Sephora, and J. Crew more often. But what about music? Google trends has released new data that reveals which musical artists users Googling Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders frequently searched for from March 24 to 31, 2015.

Allthough Googling a particular artist or candidate doesn’t necessarily mean you like or support either, but the data reveals clear differences between the candidates. Here are the musical artists that users Googling Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders frequently searched for.

Hillary Clinton

1). Taylor Swift
2.) Beyoncé
3.) Mariah Carey
4.) Selena Gomez
5.) Niki Minaj

Donald Trump

1.) Snoop Dogg
2.) Kanye West
3.) Taylor Swift
4.) Blake Shelton
5.) Guns n’ Roses

Bernie Sanders

1.) Killer Mike
2.) Kanye West
3.) Lil Wayne
4.) Eminem
5.) Drake