Big Obama, Small Obama

Barack Obama seems like a larger than life character this morning. If you're on a certain Barcelona beach, that impression is in fact a reality. New York-based artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada built a mosaic of Obama's face that's bigger than a football field out of sand. The piece, called Expectation, is meant to represent the enormous swell of hope felt by 44's supporters; Rodriguez-Gerada used sand because, he says, that hope could be fleeting. (Though, over the last 12 hours or so, most Americans would say it's been affirmed.)

On the smaller side is a project called "nanobama," which creates sculptures of the president-elect that can only be seen via electron and optical microscopes out of carbon nanotubes. The scientists-cum-artists estimate that about 150 million nanotubes go into each piece. The nanobama effort seems to be more of a promotion effort for carbon nanotubes than for the already well known Obama--which researchers say could be used for clean drinking water, in alternative energy efforts, and even in armor-based protection. (Though, we should note that there are safety concerns.)Really, there is no stronger brand to hitch your wagon to right now than Obama's!Via Animal.