Billr: The App for Dining on a Budget (Without Annoying Your Friends)

For those of us who can't pick up the whole check like a baller, there's Billr.

Perhaps it's a sign you and your friends have "made it" when no one quibbles about who owes what when the check arrives after dinner out. But in this economic climate, who can blame diners on a budget for picking apart the check drink by drink to pay exactly what they owe? The problem is doing the math speedily and accurately, without killing the mood. While a variety of check splitting apps already exist, none may work quite as well—or look quite as nice—as Billr, a new app created by a team of founders with extensive experience living on a budget: college students.

The product is a collaboration among Rhode Island School of Design designer Ivy Hu and Brown students Stephen Poletto and Nicholas Shulman, who did the coding and user experience, respectively. Billr's elegant user interface design lets users quickly create a log of the dishes each person at the table ordered, up to a party of 16. Then a tax and tip calculator indicate the final price each diner needs to pony up, making sure that no one is short-changed. Once the numbers are crunched, Billr can send each person a copy of what they owe by text or email.

The app costs .99 cents in the iTunes store and has debuted to acclaim from users. Reviewers praise the design, but indicate that they're eagerly awaiting an update that will make it easier to split the costs of an appetizer or entree among multiple diners.


Image via Billr

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