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Buena Vista Does Neighbor Day Right Buena Vista Does Neighbor Day Right

Buena Vista Does Neighbor Day Right

April 23, 2010
In our Neighborhoods Issue, we boldly declared that the last Sunday in April (that's April 25 this year) should be Neighbor Day, "a national celebration of the people with whom we share space," and we asked you for help in making it happen in your area.

We're thrilled to report that some enterprising folks in Buena Vista, Colorado (a city we mentioned in the GOOD 100 issue) have heeded the call. They've enlisted the help of some local businesses and organized an afternoon that includes a river cleanup, pizza and beer, and even s'mores. Well done! Check out their Facebook page for the event to get some inspiration. GOOD and Buena Vista, Colorado are officially BFFs.
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Buena Vista Does Neighbor Day Right