Incomprehensible Tragedy In Burma

The cyclone that tore across Burma's southern coast last Saturday has left a tragedy in its wake that we can't wrap our heads around. As disease and starvation spread, the death toll-estimated at 100,000 now-may double or triple, approaching the entire number of civilians killed in Darfur. "Inhumanly cynical, power-hungry, and callous" doesn't begin to describe the response of Burma's ruling military junta. More news and resources:

-The odious ruling junta is barring most aid workers from entering the country. It's also writing the names of generals on the aid packages it does let in, and going ahead with a coerced vote to solidify its power.

-A Burmese blogger in Rangoon gives us a glimpse inside the country here.

-Dan Rivers sneaked into Burma and delivered this report for CNN. argues it may be time to "give war a chance" and invade Burma unilaterally to help.

-Bill Gates has pledged $3 million in aid. According to our calculations this is .00517% of his wealth. If you can pitch in, try Global Giving.

-Conceived pre-cyclone, the Burma: It Can't Wait campaign enlisted Hollywood heavyweights to help raise awareness in a series of web videos.

-Our thoughts are with the country's people, their families, and their friends.