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Business Leaders Demand Clean Energy Leadership

Over and over again we hear that we can't afford to take action on climate change, that our economy can't handle it, that it'll kill businesses off and strip America of even more jobs. Not so! says, well, big business itself!This week we saw a couple of pleas from two completely different business coalitions, both calling for immediate and binding energy and climate policy. Earlier this week, over 85 of the nation's largest business, labor, environmental, energy and faith-based organizations launched an ad in major newspapers to push for climate legislation. The full-page ad (see it here) is packed with an impressive collection of logos representing some of the most recognizable–and essential to our economy–businesses and corporations out there, from Chrysler, Ford, and GM to Dow and Dupont to BP, GE, and HP to John Deere and also, yes, Pepsico. The ad's money line: "We believe it's time for Democrats and Republicans to unite behind bi-partisan, national energy and climate legislation that increases our security and limits emissions, as it preserves and creates jobs."Then yesterday, a group of 83 CEOs under the banner of We Can Lead sent a joint letter to President Obama and members of Congress calling for renewed American leadership on energy technology, and for the Executive and Legislative branches to work together "quickly to enact comprehensive climate and energy legislation that will create jobs and enhance U.S. competitiveness." The letter states:

"American businesses recognize this challenge and have already begun to respond and innovate. However, today's uncertainty surrounding energy and climate regulation is hindering the large-scale actions that American businesses are poised to make. We need strong policies and clear market signals that support the transition to a low-carbon economy and reward companies that innovate. It is time for the Administration and Congress to embrace this policy as the promising economic opportunity that will empower American workers to compete and American entrepreneurship to lead the way."
We Can Lead is running some tv spots as well, like this new one featuring advanced battery-maker A123 CEO David Vieau:\n\n\n\nAnd this one that specifically–and cleverly–calls out states with senators who are still on the fence:\n\n\n\nThis post originally appeared on, as part of GOOD's collaboration with the Pepsi Refresh Project, a catalyst for world-changing ideas. Find out more about the Refresh campaign, or to submit your own idea today.

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