He Took His Girlfriend's 12-Year-Old Sister On A Mock Date To Demonstrate ‘Respectful’ Behavior

This simple and helpful mock date is far more divisive than you might think

When kids become teenagers, everything changes very quickly. While some are still playing with toys, others are going to parties, driving, and having sex. With so many changes in store for his girlfriend's 12-year-old sister, Charlie Egress wanted to help her set expectations as she ventured into the world of relationships and dating.

So he took her on a date.

The sentiment is a nice one, and many found the arrangement to be cute or even empowering. But many were left unsettled by the notion that some older boy, no matter how helpful he was trying to be, was setting standards for an impressionable girl.

Reactions on Twitter seemed to be almost completely split.

For what it’s worth, the 12-year-old in question had a fine time on the mock date.

There’s little doubt that the idea came from a place of helpfulness and good intentions, but some balk at someone who’s not a parent helping set a young one’s expectations. But then again, if the sister’s boyfriend doesn’t, it’s possible that someone far worse could be doing it in the future.