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A Single Mother Is Overcome With Emotion After Her Daughter Reads Her A Touching Thank-You Note

The daughter’s small gesture carries tremendous weight for the emotional mom

Sure, we think of giving thank-you letters for birthday gifts and infrequent kind acts, but one young woman expanded the scope of her gratitude in a thank-you note for all her mother had done in raising her.

Gina, the daughter, offers a touching tribute to the single mother who raised her, Joanne, letting her know that the quiet sacrifices she made every step of the way are not overlooked and are not taken for granted. Joanne and her husband divorced when Gina was just 8 years old, leaving the newly single mom to care for both Gina and her brother Michael.

In the letter, which is both concise and eloquent for a writer of any age, Gina offers:

"Thank you for shouldering not only your burdens, but ours as well," Gina continues. "It definitely wasn't easy, especially since Michael and I were difficult growing up. With me fighting you tooth and nail about everything and Michael's developmental issues, I don't know how you did it."

To which her mom replies, overcome with emotion:

“I did it out of love.”

If you find yourself still searching for a Mother’s Day gift, Gina’s act may serve as an inspiration to do something less commercial and more emotionally honest. Gestures such as these can be taxing and difficult. But for a mother, few gifts would carry more meaning than offering up some honest words of gratitude to let her know you’ve been paying attention to all she’s done. It’s not as easy as going to the store, but it will make a much bigger impact than any other gift could.

Oh, and flowers. Definitely don’t forget the flowers.

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