Watch This Video Of Dogs Flying Planes

What else do you need to know?

It’s not exactly the Singularity, but dogs can now fly planes—a development that seems alarming and amazing all at once. Mark Vette, a man who has built his storied career on animal stuntwork, spent four months training a trio of pooches to fly the friendly skies.

Vette is the guy who gave Venus Williams her own dog ball boys (aka doing God’s work) and taught some pups to drive cars. He also trained an octopus to take photos for some reason. So it makes sense that this would be the guy to violate humanity’s long-sacred “let’s not give airplanes to dogs” edict.

To be fair, there was a higher purpose to providing Reggie, Shadow and Alfie with keys to the cloud kingdom. Vette was building rescue dog awareness, showing that abandoned pups can be highly intelligent and trainable. It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic way to drive that point home.

Reggie was the first dog to take the wheel, but Shadow—a bit of a showboat—was the first to do an in-flight figure 8. Watch their antics here, and imagine all the future weirdness we have to look forward to (e.g. dolphins driving speedboats, cats controlling cranes).