Get Off The Grid in Style With This Eco-Powered Micro-Home

A green-energy pod that gives you total independance, anywhere you go.

Next week, at Vienna’s Pioneers Festival, attendees will be the first to lay their eyes on the new, stylish “smart home” that allows you to live completely off the grid. It’s called the “Ecocapsule,” and it’s a wind and solar-powered 14 x 7 x 7-foot pod that gives you total independence. The Ecocapsule hitches to the back of your car and, if it’s electric, will keep it charged with its 9700 Watt-hour battery.

Other cool features:

- Membrane water filters that remove bacteria from rainwater and store it in a tank beneath the floor.

- Thermally-insulated walls to help you stay warm while reducing energy usage.

- A fully-functioning bathroom.

So how much does a totally energy-independent dwelling like this cost? Its creators, Nice Architects, aren’t talking money yet, but they will be accepting orders at the year’s end.

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(h/t Gizmodo)