Education: Morning Roundup

Morning Roundup:\r\n\r\nFrom The Daily Caller: Where Senator-elect Scott Brown stands on issues - other than health care\r\nAs it...

Morning Roundup:From The Daily Caller: Where Senator-elect Scott Brown stands on issues - other than health care
As it concerns education, Brown supports school choice through charter schools and having a graduation requirement for high school students.
From PBS' NewsHour: Race for Education Funding Poses a Test for States
John Merrow reports that billions of dollars are about to come available in new federal education spending, pitting states against one another for a piece of the pie.
From TheLos Angeles Times: 'Desperate' UC Students Scurry to Snag Key Classes
Some courses have hundreds wait-listed as the new term begins. Many students fear they won't get the classes needed to graduate on time-and with higher fees, may not be able to afford an extra year.
From The Washington Post: Now It's the Boys' Turn to Get White House Mentors
First lady Michelle Obama started a yearlong White House mentoring program last fall for young women, pairing about 16 girls from the Washington area with women at top levels in the Obama administration. Now it's the boys' turn.
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