Education: Morning Roundup, Stimulus Showdown

Morning Roundup:

From Politico: Dems eye stimulus to pay teachers

Crossing a line they had hoped to avoid, Democrats are now actively discussing budget options that would mean going back into last year’s Recovery Act and redirecting billions in unspent stimulus funds to more pressing needs, such as averting threatened layoffs of public school teachers next fall.


From the Boston Globe: Asking more of preschool

Once considered just places to play, preschools now sandwich science and math lessons in between naps and recess. To help teachers meet the new academic rigor and to reduce socioeconomic achievement gaps that start before kindergarten, the state wants more teachers to earn bachelor’s degrees.


From The New York Times: Wal-Mart Finds Ally in Education

American Public Education, which operates two Web-based universities, got a big boost in profile and share price after agreeing to a deal with Wal-Mart.


From USA Today: For-profit colleges lead the way in adopting e-textbooks

E-textbooks might be the most-talked about and least-used learning tools in traditional higher education. Not so in the world of for-profit online education.
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