Egypt Protests: The Prayer Picture Egypt Protests: The Prayer Picture

Egypt Protests: The Prayer Picture

by Andrew Price

January 30, 2011

At one point during today's clashes between protesters and police on the Kasr Al Nile Bridge in Cairo, Muslim Egyptians knelt to pray despite the fire hoses. A picture of the scene was distributed on Twitter by Olly Wainwright.

The New Yorker has a detailed account of the taking of the bridge:

Kasr Al Nil bridge, which connects downtown’s Tahrir Square with Gezirah’s Opera Square in Cairo, was the setting for the climax of today’s enormous anti-government protests, with hordes of police officers trying to prevent tens of thousands of protesters from crossing into downtown. On Friday afternoon, the protesters, braving tear gas and singing the Egyptian National Anthem, made it about a third of the way across before they were pushed back to Opera Square, where they seemed to disperse. After that, the bridge emptied. Police vans parked along the side, and some officers sat, exhausted, on the curb, their shields lying on the ground and visors pushed up over their black helmets. ... But as the sun began to set and the lights on the bridge switched on, an enormous crowd of protesters rematerialized again in front of the Opera House.

A truly inspiring image.

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Egypt Protests: The Prayer Picture