Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Deaf Guest With a Wonderful Gift

“I don’t think a family should struggle like this.”

Via YouTube

For 34 years, Sarah Churman couldn’t hear. She was born with a rare defect that left her without the hairs in both middle ears that allow sound to travel to the brain. But recently, Sarah had surgery to repair one ear and, for the first time, could hear something miraculous, the voices of her two young children and husband.

The procedure cost $30,000 and isn’t covered by insurance, so it was unlikely the young couple could afford for Sarah to regain hearing in her other ear. But her mother-in-law stepped in and cashed out a small retirement fund to help “the best daughter-in-law in the world” have the procedure. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was so touched when she heard their story, she brought the family on her show to discuss Sarah’s miraculous hearing recovery and give them a very special surprise.

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