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GOOD Energy Meetup Idea: Energy 101 Teach-In

The first in our series of Energy Meetup ideas: Gather some friends and remind yourselves what energy is in the first place.

On Thursday, February 24, GOOD is throwing a Meetup Everywhere, our big GOOD Energy Party. Below is just one sample idea for a meetup, if you're looking for some inspiration. To learn more about our first ever distributed, nationwide meetup of people who give a damn, check out our announcement post. Or check out other ideas like the Mr. Wizard electricity episode screening or building a battery out of pocket change.

If you have no idea what to do for your GOOD Energy Meetup, this one has a really low barrier to entry. Get our Energy Issue, open to page 30, and give yourselves a little Energy 101 lesson.

It's amazing how little most of us know about this force that basically makes everything happen in our world. Remind yourself what you might have learned in junior high (but have long since forgotten). Only by better understanding the science can we ever hope to collectively solve our energy challenges.

If you don't have a copy of the magazine, get in touch soon and we'll send you one.

Important note: Take pictures or video and send them to us after your meetup. We'll feature your event in a roundup of our big nationwide meetup.

And during the event, use the hashtag #goodenergy to tweet about your gathering.

We'll be posting more meetup ideas at GOOD's Environment hub all week, so check back soon.

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