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GOOD Ideas for Cities: A Board Game to End Homelessness GOOD Ideas for Cities: A Board Game to End Homelessness

GOOD Ideas for Cities: A Board Game to End Homelessness

by Chappell Ellison

October 15, 2012
The group developed the idea of a board game that would assist housing agencies in mapping their current processes, with the ultimate goal of highlighting excessive steps that could be eliminated and reduce the process down to the 10-day goal. Aguiñiga began by examining Los Angeles's local housing system. "We started out by visually mapping their process so that we could understand what they do," said Aguiñiga. "Once we mapped everything out, we saw how crazy it was. We quickly learned that there were so many different agencies involved in housing the homeless, and so much paperwork."

For Kanis, the goal going forward is simple. "We want to help every community in America get to the point where every month they're moving 2.5 percent of their chronic and vulnerable homeless population into permanent housing. Anything less than that number, and there's definitely more you can do." Currently, Kanis and the 100,000 Homes team is in the process of approaching sponsors to help them increase their training sessions from 17 cities to 50 in the year 2013.

With the help of Aguiñiga's board game, Kanis knows this is possible. She's also thankful that such an unlikely pairing produced more results than she could've ever hoped for. "We've gone to people in the health care sector, but a furniture designer? That's just crazy," said Kanis. "But for us, with the 100,000 Homes campaign, the real value is the ability to look at something from a different angle."

Photos courtesy 100,000 Homes and Home for Good

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GOOD Ideas for Cities: A Board Game to End Homelessness