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GOOD Ideas for Cities: Designing Guerrilla Bike Signage

How to make a city's streets more comfortable for bikers? A team from New Orleans went ahead and installed their own bikeway signage.


Like many cities hoping to make the transition from car-centric to multi-modal, New Orleans faces several obstacles, ranging from physical infrastructural improvements that must be made, to a cultural shift that encourages more bikers and transit riders. While better bike lanes and sidewalks might solve part of the problem, how might the city help its residents to choose alternative methods of transportation? As part of GOOD Ideas for New Orleans, the Biking & Transit team received $500 from Neighborland to execute simple, low-cost ideas for improving the biking experience. Using newly-released data from the city's transit authority, the team built an app, Bike Bus New Orleans (up now at or available via text at 504-332-4900) that can help bikers plan their trips. Then, after conducting a survey to find out the city's "hotspots" for cyclists, the team focused on creating a bikeway for the city—an important route that should be improved for bikers. The team then designed, fabricated, and installed their own signage to help bikers navigate the city.

Challenge: Getting around New Orleans without an automobile is often difficult. Limited infrastructure for bicyclists, poor quality sidewalks, and infrequent transit service all contribute to this situation. Driving less is a public priority that contributes to improved health outcomes, a better environment, and even a more prosperous city. Bike Easy and Transport for NOLA both work to make biking in New Orleans easy, safe and fun. How can we help make biking in New Orleans a better option for trips around town?

Urban Leaders: Jamie Wine, Bike Easy and Rachel Heiligman, Transport for NOLA

Biking & Transit Team: Jay Casteel, Jo Barrios, Joel Carranza, Rosalie Cohn, Tippy Tippens, Brittany DesRocher, Julia McNabb, Kathleen Onufer, Mary Carlton, Ross Peizer, Serena Wales, Brooke Larsen, Chad Cramer, Ness Higson

Check out Broad to Bayou Bikeway on Facebook and read more about this idea at Neighborland.

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