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GOOD Video: No More Pricetags on Our Presidents GOOD Video: No More Pricetags on Our Presidents

GOOD Video: No More Pricetags on Our Presidents

October 31, 2012

This video is brought to you by GOOD, with the support of Ben & Jerry's

Did you know that the 2012 presidential campaigns have been the most expensive in the history of the world? Thanks to the Citizens United ruling in 2010, corporations have been allowed to use unlimited money resources to fund and influence initiatives that aren't always in the best interest of citizens. Huge political funding gives an unfair share of political clout to the haves, and not enough for the have-nots. And when it comes to the presidential election, neither candidate can afford to fall behind the other in financing when the stakes are so high.

The result? Regardless of who wins the 2012 election, the day our president takes office he's going to owe a lot of favors to corporate special interests. And that isn't right. 

Last time we checked, America was a nation founded by and for the people, not political corporate interests. To take the price tags off our politicians, we need to take a stand against the Citizens United ruling. By coming together, we can take back our voices and get the dough out of politics. 

Learn more about Citizens United at our videos exploring the issue (click above and here) and then go here to take action.

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GOOD Video: No More Pricetags on Our Presidents