How To Stop Websites from Tracking You

A step-by-step guide for keeping your clicks to yourself.

Almost every major website—from the behemoths like Google to Facebook to the smallest ones you visit—is tracking your clicks to “serve” you a personalized experience of the Internet. If you’re fine with that, great! But if you’d rather keep your clicks to yourself, here’s how to prevent sites from chasing you around.

If you use Firefox:

To see which version of Firefox you’re using, go to Firefox, then About Firefox. If you’re not using Firefox 4, you need to update. (Download it here.) Once you're using Firefox 4, go to Firefox, then Preferences. Click "Advanced," and then "General." Then check the box that says "Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked." All done.

If you use Chrome:

Install this plugin. Restart Chrome, and you're good to go.

If you use Internet Explorer:

First, upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. Then click this link to add an empty Tracking Protection list. Then hit "add to list." That's it!

If you use Safari:

There’s actually no option to turn off browser tracking in the current version of Safari. You’ll have to wait for Safari 5.1.

For more information and options, check out Do Not Track.