In San Francisco, the Rent Really Is 'Too Damn High'

Remember “the rent is too damn high” candidate Jimmy McMillan from the 2010 New York gubernatorial race? San Francisco now tops rental rates in the nation, due in part to the influx of high tech employees to the city. I teach an “Intro to Online Journalism” course at San Francisco State University, where my students collaborated on a story exploring this issue.

Sixteen students paired up using their iPhones and DSLR cameras to do “man on the street” interviews with residents in the Sunset, Castro, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, Marina, Mission, Tenderloin and Bay View Hunter’s Point neighborhoods. We housed all of the videos on a “Meograph”, an SF-based multimedia platform that easily allows you to combine videos, maps and text on a story timeline.

The students discovered that deals can still be found if you’re willing to share a room or live in a “less desirable” neighborhood. But for the most part, people are willing to make the sacrifice in order to enjoy the food, outdoor space, diversity and culture that San Francisco has to offer. Click around to learn more about what San Franciscans have to say about the rent being too damn high.

Image (cc) wikimedia commons