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Independence Day Clothing Makes Easy, GPS-Enabled Clothing for Autistic People

A no-frills clothing alternative.

Self care can be a complicated thing when you have autism. From bathing to brushing teeth, combing hair to putting on a shirt, things can get frustrating—fast. That’s why Lauren Thierry, mother to an autistic son, decided to make things easier for thousands of people with her simple, easy to wear clothing line, Independence Day.

Image via Independence Day Clothing Co.

The shirts, pants, dresses, and more are reversible, have no zipper, buttons, tags or seams, and come with a built-in domino-sized GPS tracker. The women and minority-run business opened up in 2014, and it’s already gaining a reputation among those with autism, elderly people with dementia, people with cerebral palsy, and those who simply want a no-frills mode of dressing.

Perhaps the most important element of Independence Day clothing for parents is its GPS tracker. After countless stories of children with autism wandering off—most notably the tragic 2013 disappearance and death of Queens’ Devonte Oquendo—keeping tabs on autistic children who may be prone to wandering off is a serious point of concern.

"Anytime I want to know where my child is, I whip out my iPhone, there's a app right there,” Thierry told The Huffington Post. “Four seconds later, I know exactly where [my son] is. If he's in a vehicle, I know he's going either faster than 30 miles an hour or not, and I know exactly where he is at all times."

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