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Intermission: The Year in Viral Videos Intermission: The Year in Viral Videos

Intermission: The Year in Viral Videos

by Megan Greenwell

December 22, 2011

Remember "Honey Badger"? How about the adorable 5-year-old princess rapping to Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass"? Or the plethora of unintentionally hilarious campaign ads?

Even if you were on the cutting edge of all of those YouTube sensations, there are bound to be viral videos you missed. Fortunately, Videogum has you covered. This four-minute video includes clips from the 79 YouTube highlights of 2011, as well as a handy list of links to the full versions of every video featured. Watch it, then show the family-friendly ones to Mom and Dad over the holidays and feel good about yourself for spreading joy.

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Intermission: The Year in Viral Videos