Intermission: Travel the U.S. in Five Minutes

Photographer Brian DeFrees created an amazing time-lapse video documenting his trip across the United States and back.


Photographer Brian DeFrees took a 12,000-mile cross-country road trip from New York to California and back again, snapping photos at every sight along the way. This time-lapse video condenses a weeks-long journey into five minutes, so you can see the best of the U.S. without ever leaving home. The photographs, all shot from the car, show some iconic state symbols: the trolleys of San Francisco, downtown Seattle overlooking the bay, and the gimmicky hotels of Las Vegas. Other photographs record wide-open Southern plains against a clear blue sky, rain clouds pouring precipitation, or a rainbow stretching overhead. Follow the car's journey through various states in the bottom left-hand corner of the video and digitally live your own road trip dreams.