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Ivanka Trump Booed At A Women’s Conference For Defending Her Father’s Sexism

“I’m very proud of my father’s advocacy”

In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump said that women should be “punished” for having abortions, insulted opponent Carly Fiorina for her looks, and called Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly a “bimbo.” Trump also has a long history of being accused of sexual harassment and admitted to sexually assaulting women in an infamous video with former Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush.

On Tuesday, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was on a panel at the international W20 Summit in Berlin, Germany, to discuss women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Queen Màxima of the Netherlands, and International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde. Given her father’s long history of sexism, her participation on the panel was greeted with an appropriate amount of skepticism.

During the discussion, panel moderator, Miriam Meckel, editor of German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, began to ask tough questions about her father, and Trump tried her best to defend the indefensible. “I’m very proud of my father’s advocacy, long before he came into the presidency, he championed this in the primaries. He’s been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive,” she said before being treated to a chorus and boos and hisses.

After the event, Trump was asked about the negative response she received at the summit. Negating her father’s long history of misogyny, she brushed it off saying, “Politics is politics,” and that we need further discussion on the issues at hand. “I think what’s so important is we have to be able to engage in dialogue with one another and we have to be able to have different viewpoints and feel comfortable candidly expressing ourselves without fear of being labeled and ostracized.” If Trump is going to start a dialog on women’s issues, she’s best to start with the person who needs it most, her father.

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