Chan Hong Lik Has Amazing Rubik’s Cube Skills

His mind is a computer

The Rubik’s Cube was invented back in 1974 and by the ‘80s the 3-D puzzle had taken the world by storm. By 2009, over 350 million Rubik’s Cubes had been sold worldwide. Although the puzzle isn’t as popular as it once was, the World Cube Association—the Rubik’s Cube’s international governing body—has held speedcuber competitions and kept world records since 2003. One amazing speedcubing champion, Chan Hong Lik, is just seven years old.

In the video above, seven-year-old Chan Hong Lik studies the block for one minute and 42 seconds. After his eyes are covered he solves the puzzle in under a minute. It’s an unbelievable feat, but not his first major speedcubing achievement. He’s been participating in championships since he was four and once solved the puzzle in just 8.72 seconds at the Campeonato de Cubo Mágico Porto Alegre Open 2015 in Brazil.